Technical Information

Premium Power from Premium Battery


DenseMax™ Grid Technology

Proprietary grid casting technology that condenses the lead grain in the grids increasing the density by 50% compared to a conventional gravity casting method. Higher density grids enable prolonged battery life even in the most severe operating environments.

MaxPress™ Grid Technology

Patent pending grid compressing technology which increases the density of the lead grain of the grids.
The grain density is typically 400% greater than that of the conventional casting method.
This up-to-date grid technology enables our batteries to survive even the toughest deep discharge and PSoC applications.

ThixoPure™ GEL Technology

Application of refined pure thixotropic colloidal silica GEL technology to battery electrolyte has greatly
increased the cycle life by both preventing plate stratification and providing extra temperature
protection against heat and cold. We are the first Korean company to successfully commercialize the
GEL technology in the VRLA battery industry.

FlexSealing™ Anti Explosion Filter

Patent pending proprietary cap filtering and sealing technology. Battery cell caps are sealed
simultaneously using specially designed o-rings and explosion filters to prevent leakage and gassing
more effectively than ever before.


In every Newmax battery, proprietary micro carbon additive is used in the active material for both
positive and negative plates to enhance charge acceptance and cycle endurance. ActiveCarbon™ works
to strengthen charge pathways to improve performance consistency and enhance performance at
partial state of charge (PSoC) environment.

Thermal Protection Heat Protection Case

Specially formulated heat and flame resistant polypropylene case material is used to effectively block
ambient heat thus preventing heat related malfunctions such as thermal runaway. This proprietary high
rigidity case material has heat deflection rating of 140˚C and complies to RoHs Compliant EU Directive
2002/95/EC. Additional UL94-V0 protection option also available.