Premium Power from Premium Battery

Li-ion power battery is of superior performance.

High integrated battery system design improves conversion efficiency. Module layout disperses the weight of battery packs, make the system more stable. Advanced BMS ensures safety.

The product is applied in power battery field such as various electric motor vehicles, electric tools, power drive device and energy storage power source field such as cap lamps, communication base stations, UPS backup power sources, wind and solar power storage.

Product Features

  • 01From 3.7v one cell pack to no limitation of NCM

  • 02From 3.2v one cell pack to no limitation of LFP

  • 037.5ah ~ 500ah power pack for EV, Truck, E-bus

  • 04Intelligent BMS

  • 05Variety size & material for case

Where to Use

  • 01Unmanned Vehicle (AGV)

  • 02Golf cart

  • 03Factory automation

  • 04Industrial batteries requiring high power and high reliability

Product Features

  • 01After connecting BMS/PCM of Microchip Program Control and packing, it is a way to configure 1(One) battery by combining several packs in series and parallel

  • 02Over-Voltage shut-off and automatic return

  • 03Short-circuit blocking off and automatic return

  • 04Built-in auto-sleep (Optional)

  • 05Application of temperature control technology, including prevention of overheating of batteries.

  • 06Automatic operation FAN depending on temperature

  • 07LCD display to display the voltage and remaining quantity of batteries

  • 08Life spans more than 5times longer than conventional lead acid batteries