Premium Power from Premium Battery

LFP Battery (UPS, BESS, Railway, Subway, Ships, Military)

battery is composed of LiFePO4 as positive active material, carbon as negative active material and LiPF6 as Electrolyte. The nominal Voltage per Cell is 3,2V. Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is 3~4 times higher energy density and has higher nominal voltage 3.2V than Ni-Cd battery is Ni-MH batteries. Also, LFP battery is sealed maintenance-free type. Therefore, the installation space is reduced, and weight is reduced to 1/5.

The battery has excellent characteristics for charge and discharge which can charge and discharge continuously to 3CA. With pulse use, charging and discharging capacity is outstanding enough to allow 20 times current of capacity. As it has the characteristics of wide range of temperature(-40~80˚C), there are no fever, fire and explosion risk. So BMS is not required with use for UPS and battery charger for emergency power. Also, it doesn’t carry out floating charge because of lower self-discharge than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery. And it does not contain harmful heavy metals or toxins such as Hg, Cd, Pb and is environment friendly.

  • 01High energy density

  • 02Excellent characteristics for charge and discharge

  • 03Long life (long duration characteristics)

  • 04Wide temperature range

  • 05Eco-friendly products

  • 06No effect of memory, love self-discharge

  • 07Easy to install and maintenance-free type