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Korea Battery Receives $7 Million Export Tower Award

NEWMAX BATTERY | Attachment : | 2020-12-14


The 57th Trade Day Commemoration Ceremony was held in KOEX, Seoul on Dec. 8.


Korea Battery CEO Kim Tae-Kyong received award on podium on behalf of winners for Industrial Service Medal.

Industrial Service Medal is considered a great honor to entrepreneur in trade. Only 31 winners received the Medal.

President Moon Jae-in has granted the award in person.


Korea Battery commercialized electrolyte-gel technology for the first time in Korea.

Gel-electrolyte enhances battery life, slowing down the corrosion.

Korea Battery has extended the new market by introducing technology and product to over 30 countries.

Moreover Korea Battery reached $7.3 Mil. export in 2020 and received $7 mil. Export Tower Award.